New TRX-4 High Trail Edition
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Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F-150 High Trail Edition
The Traxxas lineup of exciting and capable High Trail TRX-4® models is expanding with the all-new 1979 Ford® F-150® truck. Sporting top-of-the-line Ranger XLT trim, the Ford F-150 High Trail is equipped with a factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit and stands over an inch taller than the standard height TRX-4.
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TRX-4 High Trail F150
$ 549.99
Crawl like a pro
Axial SCX10 PRO 4WD Scaler Rock Crawler Kit
Convenience, value, and top-level performance come together in the comp-ready SCX10 Pro 4WD kit. The Pro has many innovations and advantages for drivers who tackle tough lines for the win — as well as for those who simply want to crawl with the best.
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$ 429.99

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1/10 Crawlers

1/10 Scale crawlers are the most capable and popular crawlers. We have a variety of brands and different sizes, all with different upgrades available.

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Mini Crawlers

Have limited space or budget? Micro crawlers are the perfect choice, as they are relativley inexpensive, and exremeley upgradeable. We have a range of vehicles and upgrades for these guys.


Crawling Kits

Looking to build a competiton rig or just want to start from scratch? Kits are a perfect way to do just that. Most come bare-bones, just the chassis and require electronics, body etc.

1/10 Scale Crawler Course

In Winchester we have an outdoor 1/10th scale crawler course, open for use during store hours. Events can be found on our Events Schedule.

1/24th Crawler Course

Featured in our Chantilly location , we have an indoor cralwer course. This course is perfectly sized for 1/24th scale crawlers, but works well with the TRX-4M 1/18th.