Tekno RC Rear Angled Gearbox **

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This is the optional Tekno RC is proud to announce a redesigned rear gearbox option for the EB48 and SCT410 (TKR5016B). This gearbox is slightly angled upward to minimize the drive angles and increase efficiency. Furthermore, this helps to reduce wear on the driveshaft for increased longevity. This gearbox requires the use of larger 5x13x4mm pinion support bearings. This has been done to increase durability (TKRBB05134).



  • Tekno RC EB48
  • Tekno RC EB48.2
  • Tekno RC EB48.3
  • Tekno RC EB48.4
  • Tekno RC EB48SL
  • Tekno RC MT410
  • Tekno RC NB48.4
  • Tekno RC SCT410
  • Tekno RC SCT410.3