Tekno RC 2.6mm Rear Sway Bar

Tekno RC 2.6mm Rear Sway Bar

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This is a replacement Tekno RC 2.6mm Rear Sway Bar. This sway bar is compatible with the ET48 and NT48 1/8 scale trucks, and is the sway bar included in the kit.

Available Rear Sway Bars 

  • TKR5490: 2.3mm
  • TKR5491: 2.4mm
  • TKR5492: 2.5mm
  • TKR5493: 2.6mm (stock) 
  • TKR5494: 2.8mm
  • TKR5495: 3.0mm


  • Tekno RC EB48SL
  • Tekno RC ET48
  • Tekno RC ET48.3
  • Tekno RC MT410
  • Tekno RC NB48.3
  • Tekno RC NT48
  • Tekno RC NT48.3
  • Tekno RC SCT410.3



Effects of Rear Roll Bar Adjustment
 Stiffness  Characteristic
  • Increased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Increased Rear Traction
  • Decreased Front Traction
  • Decreases On Power Steering (May Cause Understeer)
  • Decreased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Rear Traction
  • Increased On Power Steering (May Cause Oversteer)
  • Quicker Steering Response in High Speed Chicanes