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This is an optional ST Racing Concepts Slash 4x4 GT-8/Rally Cross Conversion Kit, and is intended for use with the Traxxas Slash 4x4. Tired of bashing your Slash 4x4 as a short course truck and want to try something new? How about turning it into a land missile? Or go rally style and go fast and low across asphalt and dirt? The ST Racing Slash 4x4 GT-8/Rally Cross conversion kit gives a new and exciting way to enjoy your Slash 4x4. In GT-8 configuration, the light weight of the Slash 4x4 with high-grip on-road tires will launch this now on-road ready car with incredible acceleration and hit insane top speeds even with just a 2S battery. If you are brave enough to throw in a 3S pack, you better find yourself a parking lot big enough for your new land missile.

The conversion kit is easy to install and it keeps the general layout of the slash and retains some ground clearance for those that wants to go rally with the conversion. The front bumper keeps the slight front kick-up so in rally configuration it does not dig into the dirt from small jump landings. Compare to the 1/8th scale buggy converted GT-8 out there, our Slash GT-8 has a huge power-to-weight ratio advantage. On average a GT-8 with 4S weighs in at 8lbs 2 oz, while the Slash GT-8 comes in at a mere 5lbs 2 ozs with a 2S, and with a 3S, it is only at 5lbs 6 ozs.

Have fun and enjoy your Slash 4x4 in a whole new way with this conversion kit, and you just might be surprised at how well it works on the track as well!


  • (1) CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front lower bumper
  • (1) Thick 3mm Graphite Upper Bumper hold down plate
  • (3) CNC machined Aluminum bumper posts
  • (1) CNC Machined Aluminum Front lower hinge-pin block
  • (1) CNC Machined Aluminum Front Bumper/Gearbox brace
  • (1) CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Lower hinge-pin block
  • (4) CNC Machined Aluminum 17mm Hex Adapters
  • (4) CNC Machined Aluminum 17mm Hex adapter hold-down nut
  • (4) CNC Machined Aluminum 17mm Wheel Nut
  • All necessary screws and hardware

NOTE: 1/8th GT Tires, Body and foam front bumper not included.

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/8 On Road Body (PROTOform PF8 works with stock mounts, and bodies that are compatible with the Kyosho Inferno GT1 (short wheelbase) will also work with this conversion, but may require body mount modification)
  • Kyosho Front Bumper (KYOIG003)
  • 1/8 GT Tires


  • Traxxas Slash 4x4

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