SMC ORS 14.8V 6000mAh 75C 5mm Shorty *Archived

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Our new ORS packs are designed for 1/8th scale offroad racing.  “These LiHV packs have been formulated for a smooth power band, pinpoint control and race winning consistency”

Thee pack comes with a balance harness which is connected on the top of the case for balance charging.  There is no 5mm charging cable included.  This can be bought separately by selecting the link below.

True mAh +/- 5%:     6000mAh @ 4.35V/ 5200mAh @ 4.20V

Voltage:                     14.8V

C rate:                       75C

Size:                          48mm x 48mm x 96mm G10 Hardcase LCG

Weight:                      422gr .        

Connector:                 5mm tubes

Charge rate:              1C to 5C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mAh into the pack and will reduce cycle life

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