RPM Associated B64/B64D Rear Arms

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RPM A-arms for the B64 & B64D were designed to solve critical issues. With stock A-arms, the amount of slop at the hinge-pins can cause your suspension settings to wander (RPM found as much as 0.003” or .076mm of clearance in the hinge pin holes of a stock set of new A-arms). RPM hinge-pin holes are held to extremely strict tolerances, with no more than 0.0005” to 0.001” (.013 to .025mm) of clearance, an improvement of nearly 300%!

Durability is also key to staying on-track! RPM customers have repeatedly reported that stock A-arms break easily. Whether bashing or racing, RPM A-arms are the toughest A-arms on the market so a rough landing or a hit from another competitor won’t take you out of the race! RPM also uses in-line screws to retain the outer hinge pins. Elimination of that extra hole increases the durability of RPM arms tremendously.

RPM A-arms are lighter than stock A-arms as well, weighing 2 grams less per A-arm (or 4 grams for the pair). If you’re looking to shed weight or be able to move more weight around to optimal positions, RPM A-arms are the best option.

With unmatched performance, extremely lightweight materials and the ability to lock in your suspension settings even after a wicked wreck, RPM A-arms will get you across the finish line every time!

NOTE: RPM73822 replaces stock Associated ASC92048.


Team Associated RC10 B64D

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