Reve D 2WS & HT Spring Set w/Storage Box (5 Pairs)

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This package of Reve D 2WS and HT Springs provide RC Drifters a great tuning option for your RWD drift car. This package of springs includes one set of 2WS Front Springs, and four sets of HT Rear springs, all inside of a small and compact plastic storage case.

Springs can be purchased individually.

Reve D 2WS 26mm Springs stand for 2 Way Short, allowing you to flip the spring over (reversible use) for additional tuning aids.

2WS Tuning Notes:

  • Line to line (double coil) facing down: Best for high grip conditions.
    • Suitable for colored concrete, or P tile.
  • Line to line (double coil) facing up: Best for low grip conditions.
    • Suitable for asphalt, carpet, and high grip P tile.

Reve D HT Springs stand for High Traction, and are offered in four different types of stiffness. Depending on shock mounting on the lower arm, will change the characteristics of the spring. Arm hole location and springs should be tuned to driver preference for driving conditions.

HT Spring Specifications:

  • Soft (Blue):
    • Length: 30mm
    • Number of Turns: 6.5
  • Medium Soft (Green):
    • Length: 30mm
    • Number of Turns: 6
  • Medium Hard (Yellow):
    • Length: 30mm
    • Number of Turns: 5.5
  • Hard (Red):
    • Length: 30mm
    • Number of Turns: 5
Reve D HT Rear Spring Tuning Chart

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