MIP Gen 2 Metric Speed Tip Hex Driver Wrench Set (3) (1.5mm, 2.0mm, & 2.5mm)

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Same Iconic Look, Boosted Quality & Performance!

The MIP Gen 2 Metric Speed Tip Hex Driver Wrench Set (3) (1.5mm, 2.0mm, & 2.5mm) is a reliable and professional choice for your tool collection. With laser-etched markings and color-coded rings, these tools are easy to identify and use, while maintaining the iconic MIP identity. The angled tool head and black oxide coating add ergonomic and durable features. Hand-assembled in the USA, these tools are the ultimate option for experts!

No More Wraps!

MIP Gen 2 tools now boast laser-etched size markings that are clear, crisp, and impossible to miss. Plus, each tool now sports a vibrant color-coded ring for instant identification.

Consistency is King

The MIP Gen 2 line is designed to create a cohesive look and feel across your entire tool collection. The subtle yet impactful design tweaks reinforce the iconic MIP identity, making it easier than ever to spot those legendary amber handles in your toolbox. It's not just about aesthetics, it's about building a sense of confidence and reliability that comes from knowing you're using the best.

Evolution, Not Revolution

Don't worry, the core of what makes a MIP tool a MIP tool remains unchanged. The rock-solid construction, the precise tolerances, the uncompromising quality – it's all there, just enhanced and refined. The Gen 2 update is about building on the legacy, not abandoning it. It's about taking the tools you love and making them even more awesome while making every tweak, tune, and adjustment smoother, faster, and more satisfying than ever before.


  • Angled tool head to be ergonomically more friendly when using the tool vs a straight cut.
  • Black Oxide coated for durability and protection against oxidation or corrosion
  • Laser Engraved with MIP Logo and Size of driver
  • Color Coded ring to quickly distinguish one size from another
  • Every tool is assembled by hand, manufactured and packaged 100% in the USA!


  • (1) Gen 2 Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip (1.5mm)
  • (1) Gen 2 Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip (2.0mm)
  • (1) Gen 2 Speed Tip Hex Driver Power Tool Tip (2.5mm)

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