E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m Plug-N-Play Electric Airplane (1118mm)

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The E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m Plug-N-Play Electric Airplane updates the longtime sport scale favorite with modern-day upgrades, making it even better equipped for scale-like and sport flying — plus higher speeds and higher energy aerobatics so it’s more fun to fly than ever before.

Updated and upgraded, including a fully-painted, high-visibility trim scheme, the E-flite T-28 Trojan 1.1m reaffirms its status as an excellent "next step" model for low-time pilots who have mastered a trainer and are looking for their first low-wing, sport or warbird model — while expanding its performance for experienced pilots with higher speed and higher energy aerobatic capabilities! With a common 3S 1800–2200mAh LiPo battery, the brushless power system featuring a specially-tuned motor delivers plenty of thrust and speed for low-time to intermediate pilots. Or, install a 4S battery for more speed and unlimited vertical performance without modifications or upgrades! Four servos and linkages are factory-installed for full aerobatic capability to perform loops, rolls, knife-edge, inverted flying, and more. The composite-reinforced EPO airframe includes stronger parts to handle the higher speeds and additional aerobatic capabilities, and for improved durability overall. Final assembly is fast and easy, no glue required, and the T-28 fits into almost any vehicle fully assembled — or the wing can be removed for even easier transport and storage. Any traditional RC flying field with paved, dirt or grass surfaces makes a suitable flying site, although skilled pilots can fly in smaller areas such as large parks or sports fields. The T-28 is an inherently stable like the full-scale trainer platform. The ESC included is telemetry-capable to deliver real-time battery voltage, current, motor RPM, and other data via compatible receivers and Spektrum AirWare equipped transmitters. 


  • Updated and upgraded to offer improved scale-like and sport flying, higher speed and higher energy aerobatic capabilities
  • Easy to take off, fly and land, making it a perfect "next step" after a trainer, an excellent first scale or low-wing model
  • Specially tuned motor compatible with 3S and 4S batteries without the need for modifications or upgrades
  • Popular 3S and 4S 1800–2200mAh batteries deliver excellent performance and flight times
  • Easy to fly with innovative and optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
  • The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X® technology
  • 4-channel control with four (4) factory-installed servos and linkages for full aerobatic capability
  • Stronger motor mount, nose gear steering arm, and wing spar for added reinforcement
  • Lightweight yet durable composite-reinforced EPO construction
  • Factory-finished in a fully-painted, high-visibility trim scheme
  • Fast and easy assembly – no glue required
Minimum Speed Control: 30A
Propeller Size: 9.5" (241 mm)
Radio: Sold Separately
Servos: Included
Landing Gear: Fixed, tricycle type
Motor Type: Brushless
Wing Area: 314 sq. in. (20.3 sq. dm)
Wingspan: 44" (1118mm)
Charger: Sold Separately
Material: Foam
Product Weight: 1080g (38oz) w/battery, 855g (30oz) w/o battery
Steering: Steerable nose gear
Technology: AS3X and SAFE
Flying Weight: 251-2000g
Motor Size: 3626
Recommended Motor Battery: 4S 2200mA 30C LiPo
Speed Control: Included
Trim Scheme Colors: Yellow and black
Flaps: No
Power Type: Electric
Skill Level: Level 2
Battery: Sold Separately
Minimum Required Radio: 4-channel
Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly Basic
Receiver: Included
Product Length: 36" (914mm)

  • (1) E-flite® T-28 Trojan 1.1m with:
  • (1) Brushless Outrunner Motor (installed)
  • (1) 30A Brushless ESC (installed)
  • (4) Servos (installed)
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete:
  • Full-range 4+ channel transmitter and receiver
  • 3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V 1800–2200mAh LiPo with EC3™ or IC3® Connector
  • Compatible LiPo charger