Axial AE-5 Waterproof ESC

Axial AE-5 Waterproof ESC

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The AE-5 ESC features include 3S LiPo capability, adjustable drag brake and it's waterproof! Settings can be easily switched “in the field” between LiPo and NiMH battery types with a simple jumper – no more complex procedures!

• Jumper 1 provides a simple plug and play choice between LiPo or NiMH batteries
• Jumper 2 switches drag brake settings
• Waterproof design
• Includes Star style battery plug
• No on/off switch - power supplied by battery connection
• Laser etched heat sink

* Always remember to disconnect the battery when vehicle is not in use.


  • Axial AX10
  • Axial RR10 Bomber
  • Axial SCX10
  • Axial SMT10
  • Axial Wraith