Scale By Chris Keg

Scale By Chris Keg


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The Scale By Chris Keg is a 3D printed miniaturized replica that adds that perfect finishing touch to your scale build. This Keg is a party in a bag that features a silver painted finish and all the things you need, except for a tap and well - beer. The keg measures approximately 60x40mm and will give your rig a true 21+ feel.  

Printed at .2mm layer thickness with 20% infill, Scale by Chris scale accessories are designed, printed and hand detailed in house. Printed in small batches, nothing with the SBC name is ever outsourced, meaning Chris puts his hands on every part before it goes out the door. All this effort is done to create a higher quality finished product, with the details you need to take your build to the next level.

NOTE: As is the case with most 3D printed items, some light finish work may be needed to remove excess material. Simply use a sharp hobby knife to carefully remove small strings and straggler layer lines as needed.