Mugen Seiki Big Bore Rear Damper Spring Set (Soft - 1.5/8.75T) (2) **

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This is an optional Mugen Big Bore Rear Damper Spring Set, and is intended for use with the Mugen MBX6 family of vehicles. These springs are made with 1.5mm wire making them slightly lighter than the previous springs, and feature an improved coil design which will make both your buggy and truggy much more stable through bumps and jumps. With the addition of the Soft rear springs to the Mugen "1.5 wire" spring selection, setting up the shocks on your buggy or truggy has now become much easier.

    Effects of Shock Spring Changes
     Shock Spring  Characteristic
    • Increased Chassis Roll
    • Increased Traction
    • Better in Bumpy Conditions
    • More Likely to Bottom Out
    • Decreased Chassis Roll
    • Decreased Traction
    • Increased Responsiveness



    • Mugen MBX6R
    • Mugen MBX7
    • Mugen MBX7E ECO
    • Mugen MBX7R
    • Mugen MBX7R ECO
    • Mugen MBX7T
    • Mugen MBX7TE
    • Mugen MBX7TR
    • Mugen MBX7TR ECO
    • Mugen MBX8
    • Mugen MBX8 ECO
    • Mugen MBX8T
    • Mugen MBX8TE