ProTek RC Blue Thread Lock (Medium) (0.34oz)

ProTek RC Blue Thread Lock (Medium) (0.34oz)

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ProTek R/C Blue Thread Locker is a medium thickness, medium strength formula that provides great resistance towards shocks and vibrations, yet still allows hardware to be removed and disassembled with hand tools. It is a must-have item for 1/8 scale use, 1/10 scale use and especially any vehicle or aircraft with a nitro engine. ProTek R/C Blue Thread Lock also helps to prevent rusting of threads. 

For use, simply apply the fluid to the threads of your non-plastic fastener or nut, and tighten. In the absence of air, the fluid will start to cure in about 10 minutes, with a finished full cure in about 24 hours.   

0.34 fl oz. (10ml) 
Strength: Blue - Medium 
Removable: Yes 
Permanent Lock: No 
Cure Time: Sets in 10 minutes; full cure in 24 hours 
Use: Any non-plastic screw, fastener, nut or bolt