ProTek RC 3.5" 1/8 Exhaust Manifold Spring (2) (Long)

ProTek RC 3.5" 1/8 Exhaust Manifold Spring (2) (Long)


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This is a set of two ProTek R/C Long Exhaust Manifold Springs, and are intended for use with 1/8 Scale Nitro Engines. The Exhaust Manifold Springs attach the tuned pipe manifold to the engine exhaust port. With the manifold springs wrapping around the engine, over time they tend to lose their resiliency as they absorb the intense heat from the engine. As this happens, the manifold springs weaken and become vulnerable to breaking which can lead to manifold gasket damage; and in the worst case, engine damage.

3.5" (89mm)

Available Sizes:

  • PTK-7101: 0.63" (15.8mm)
  • PTK-7102: 1.25" (34mm) 
  • PTK-7100: 3.5" (89mm)

    Agama A215
    Agama A215 SV
    Agama A8 EVO
    Agama A8T EVO
    HB Racing D8 Original
    HB Racing D812
    HB Racing D815
    HB Racing D817 V2
    HB Racing D817T
    HB Racing D8T Original
    JQ THE Car (1st Edition)
    JQ THE Car (Black Edition)
    JQ THE Car (RTR)
    JQ THE Car (White Edition LV)
    JQ THE Car (Yellow)
    Kyosho Inferno MP7.5
    Kyosho Inferno MP777
    Kyosho MP10
    Kyosho MP9
    Kyosho MP9 TKI2
    Kyosho MP9 TKI3
    Kyosho MP9 TKI4
    Losi 810
    Losi 8IGHT 1.0
    Losi 8IGHT 2.0
    Losi 8IGHT 3.0
    Losi 8IGHT 4.0
    Losi 8IGHT Nitro RTR
    Losi 8IGHT-T 1.0
    Losi 8IGHT-T 2.0
    Losi 8IGHT-T 3.0
    Losi 8IGHT-T 4.0
    Losi 8IGHT-T Nitro RTR
    Losi 8IGHT-T RTR
    Losi 8IGHT-X
    Mugen MBX5 Original
    Mugen MBX5R
    Mugen MBX5T
    Mugen MBX6 Original
    Mugen MBX6R
    Mugen MBX6T
    Mugen MBX7 Original
    Mugen MBX7R
    Mugen MBX8 Original
    Mugen MBX8T Original
    Mugen MGT7 Original
    Mugen MRX5 WC
    OFNA X3 Sabre
    RB Products RB One
    RB Products RB One R
    S-Workz S35-3
    S-Workz S350 BK1
    S-Workz S350 BX1
    Serpent 977
    Serpent S811 Cobra
    Serpent S811 Cobra 2.0
    Serpent S811 Cobra GT
    Serpent S811 Cobra T
    Serpent SRX8 Cobra EVO
    Team Associated RC8 Original
    Team Associated RC8.2
    Team Associated RC8B Original
    Team Associated RC8B3
    Team Associated RC8B3.1
    Team Associated RC8T Original
    Team Associated RC8T3
    Team Associated RC8T3.1
    Team Durango DNX408
    Team Durango DNX408 V2
    Team Durango DNX408T
    Tekno RC NB48.3
    Tekno RC NB48.4
    Tekno RC NT48.3
    XRAY XB8 2018
    XRAY XB8 Original
    XRAY XB808 Original
    XRAY XB9 Original
    XRAY XT8 2017

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