Mugen Seiki 70mm Front Shock Spring Set (Soft - 1.6/9.25T) (2)

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This is an optional Mugen 70mm Front Shock Spring Set, and is intended for use with the Mugen MBX7 1/8 scale nitro buggy. These 1.6 springs provide a softer feel to help tame the buggy. Many racers like running these springs on more wide open bigger tracks in combination with the black springs on the rear. The stock silver 1.5 springs are preferred on tracks with more jumps as they help the buggy to launch in the air better.

Front 70mm 1.6 Spring Rates:

  • Harder
  • MUGE2518: 8.75T
  • MUGE2517: 9.0T
  • MUGE2516: 9.25T
  • MUGE2515: 9.5T
  • Softer
Effects of Shock Spring Changes
 Shock Spring  Characteristic
  • Increased Chassis Roll
  • Increased Traction
  • Better in Bumpy Conditions
  • More Likely to Bottom Out
  • Decreased Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Traction
  • Increased Responsiveness


    Mugen MBX7
    Mugen MBX7E ECO
    Mugen MBX7R
    Mugen MBX7R ECO
    Mugen MBX7T
    Mugen MBX7TE
    Mugen MBX7TR
    Mugen MBX7TR ECO
    Mugen MBX8
    Mugen MBX8 ECO
    Mugen MBX8T
    Mugen MBX8TE

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