Hot Racing Axial SCX10 II Heavy Duty Steel Drive Shafts w/U-Joints (AXI90046 Kit Only) **

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The Hot Racing Axial SCX10 II Heavy Duty Steel Drive Shafts is a heavy duty steel front and rear telescoping driveshaft optioin for the Axial SCX10 II Kit vehicles (not RTR).


  • This is not a complete driveshaft assembly. See list below for parts needed to build two complete driveshafts.
  • Will NOT work with vehicles equipped with the RTR transmission.
  • Must maintain telescoping assembly with grease 


  • Heavy duty CNC machined hardened carbon steel construction
  • 6061 aluminum screw-on sleeves to capture steel telescoping pins
  • Replaces factory plastic front and rear drive shafts
Short shaft compressed length: 65.5mm joint-joint 
Short shaft extended length: 84.5mm joint-joint 
Short shaft travel: ~19mm 
Long shaft compressed length: 111mm joint-joint 
Long shaft extended length: 130mm joint-joint 
Long shaft travel: ~19mm 
Outside diameter: 11.5mm 
Shaft diameter: 5mm 

  • (1) front steel drive shaft
  • (1) rear steel drive shaft
Needed to Complete: 
  • SCX10 II Kit vehicle (not RTR) with 2-speed capable transmission
  • Axial AXA0286 M4x2.5x13mm screw shafts are required
  • Axial AX31148 W88 V2 Joint 10X15mm
  • Axial AX31028 2x11mm pin
  • Axial AX31114 (1) Part of WB8 V2 driveshaft


  • Axial SCX10 II