Exotek DR10/DB10/SC10 Eliminator Pro Spur Mount (Kimbrough/Exotek Spurs)

Exotek DR10/DB10/SC10 Eliminator Pro Spur Mount (Kimbrough/Exotek Spurs)


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Also works with Associated B5 based cars. 

Our ultralight direct spur gear mount for the DR10 is here!

Machined alloy unit that weighs only 3.4gr with the screws.

Uses a wider range of available spur gear sizes by Exotek, Kimbrough, etc.

Allows for easy switching between a locked spur or the stock slipper as track conditions warrant.

Uses the stock top shaft.

Some compatible spur gears:  

  • Kimbrough
  • KIM164 77T
  • KIM145 78T
  • KIM146 81T
  • Exotek
  • 1545 75 tooth 
  • 1546 78 tooth
  • 1987 81 tooth
  • 1988 84 tooth


  • Team Associated DR10
  • Team Associated Pro SC10
  • Team Associated RC10 B5
  • Team Associated RC10 B5M
  • Team Associated RC10 B5M Factory Lite
  • Team Associated RC10 SC5M
  • Team Associated RC10 T5M
  • Team Associated Reflex DB10
  • Team Associated Trophy Rat