DuBro Micro Servo Arm XL: SPM DSP60

DuBro Micro Servo Arm XL: SPM DSP60

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Key Features

  • Made from 100% virgin nylon
  • 6 per package


AT LAST, servo arms long enough for the extra throw needed on the electric 3D airplanes! The DU-BRO Micro Servo Arm XL includes:
(4) single arms, as well as (2) double arms.

These arms have had extra special attention given to weight, strength and performance. Made from 100% virgin nylon, they can stand up to the stress of 3D aerobatics and still remain lightweight. The arms measure 1" from the center to the outer edge.The Micro Servo Arm XL comes in (5) different versions to accommodate various micro servos on the market.This version works on the following servos: Spektrum DSP60