Hunter's Tech Tip of October: Set Up Changes

So this time lets talk about some of the most important and most often over looked setup changes, Ride height, Camber and Toe.

Ride height: This is the distance between the lowest points of your car to the ground. This is measured with your car fully ready to run (battery, body and or full fuel tank). You will need a ride height gauge to make this adjustment ASC1449, LOSA99173 and JCO22822.

Those are my suggestions for gauges. Ride height affects the center of gravity and your roll centers which also affects traction and jumping/landing. When measuring this, push the front and rear of the car down flush with a level surface (bottomed out) then let the car come back up. Once it comes back up you can use your gauge to see where you're at and adjust accordingly with the collars on the shock bodies.

Now let's go to Camber, Camber is the angle of where the top of the tire leans to. Negative is when the top leans to the center of the car, positive is when it leans away from the car. Typically straight up and down (0deg camber) or negative is the “go to”. This is also adjusted with the car fully ready to hit the track and after ride height has been set. To set this you do the same as ride height push the car down and let it naturally come back up then use a camber gauge to see where it is already set. As far as a gauge goes I recommend the losi gauge it seems to be the best “bang for your buck” LOSA99172.


For rougher tracks I go more negative camber in the rear it will make the car more for giving and slide over ruts easier.

Now the last thing... Toe. Toe is the angle of the wheels when looked at from above the car. If the front of the tires are facing inward toward the car that is “toe-in”. If the front is facing outward away from the car that is “toe-out”. Toe affects traction and steering mainly. You again will need a gauge the rpm gauge RPM70492 will get the job done just fine. Process for this is the same as before just push down on the car and let it come back up and see where its set. For slicker tracks go for more toe-in in the rear of the car it will make more grip and make the car easier to drive, the rear on most cars is adjusted with different toe block inserts. Then for the front the “go to” is 0deg (straight) or a little toe-out for more steering. Always set toe last after ride height and camber.



So there is the basics on some of the most important settings on your car also they are some of the easiest to change.

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