Spotlight Driver & New Employee: Hunter Waters

We are so excited to announce the first official addition to the Adrenaline RC Team! It is actually his first official week at work and we've already started making big plans for Adrenaline RC together. Hunter Waters is well respected, and one of the fastest drivers on the East Coast. Not only is Waters a fast driver but he knows all the ins and outs of the RC industry. 

Nearly a decade ago Waters walked into a local hobby shop and has been hooked ever since. You may remember Waters when he was younger and spent his days at  East Coast Hobbies here in Winchester, VA. 

The Current Lineup 

Waters currently drives a Team Associated Rc8b3.1e (1/8 Buggy). However, he does own one other car which is a B6.1 2wd buggy. We wanted to know what brand Waters was loyal to, if any, and we got the answer.

"Team Associated, I have always been a fan of their cars and quality. I am also currently sponsored by them."

At the moment he tries to make time for one practice session a week, but he typically races twice a month. The furthest he's ever driven to race is 11 hours, to Alabama. 

Advice for Others

Why Waters thinks you should get involved:

" It’s a great hobby to get into and can be taken as seriously or as lightly as you want it to to be and you get to meet a ton of interesting people." 

This piece of advice seems like common sense, but it's a huge deal. We see drivers who get burnt out and lose their passion for the sport because they try to do too much too fast or they are way too hard on themselves. It's important to stay in tune with yourself and what you can handle. While this can be a really competitive sport, it's important to have fun with it too. It's all about finding the perfect balance for yourself. 

If Waters could go back in time, he would give himself one simple, but meaningful piece of advice: "Don’t hesitate, you're not going to regret it." 

Hunter Waters is hands down one of the fastest drivers on the East Coast, but it didn't happen over night. (He's been doing this for a decade!) It's important to realize that with anything, time is of the essence. The only way to improve is to practice and put the time in. 

If you've ever had the chance to talk to Waters, you'd know he's respectful, humble, and genuinely cares about the RC community. You'll notice Waters doesn't talk much about his racing wins, or fastest laps, but it just shows how humble he is. Waters is the kind of guy that will take the time to help out someone new to the sport or even the most seasoned driver. His positivity radiates and really sets the tone at any race day. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to bring him on to the Adrenaline RC Staff Team. 

(Some of) Waters Racing Portfolio: 

Pyscho Nitro Blast 2018: Pro 1/8 Electric Buggy

Mugen Challenge 2017: Pro 1/8 Electric Buggy 

           Read the J Concepts article: Here

           Read the Red RC article: Here

Adrenaline RC Invitational 2017 

- 1:10 Scale 2wd Buggy Winner

- 1:10 Scale Stock 2wd Buggy Winner

- 1:8 Scale Electric Buggy Winner

LCRC "The Big One" 1st Place 1:8 E-Buggy 

ROAR Region 2 Mid Atlantic Off Road Series 2016 1:8 E-Buggy Winner

ROAR Region 2 2015 1:8 E-Buggy Winner 




  1. Electric or Nitro?- Electric
  2. Pro-Line or AKA or Other?- Proline
  3. Kit or Pre-Built? - Kit
  4. Dirt or Road?- Dirt
  5. Track Racing or Rock Crawling? - Track
  6. Racing or Practicing?-Racing
  7. Lipo or NiMH?- LiPo
  8. Big air or keeping it tight? – Big Air


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