August Spotlight Drivers: Ronda & Adam Drake

This month we are very excited to feature RC power duo Adam & Ronda Drake! The Drake's are coming up this way for the Mugen Challenge at LCRC from August 24-26th! 

How they got their Start

First things first, we wanted to know just how long the two have been racing RC Cars and they both started around the same time. Ronda started driving in 1990 (28 years!) and Adam started in 1991! 

Growing up, Adam had a bunch of RC vehicles he used for bashing. However, once he found the local track, he started racing and never looked back. 

Once I realized there was a local track, I started racing and the rest was history. I was hooked" - Adam Drake

As for Ronda, her brother-in-law gave her a Kyosho Raider for Christmas and that's what introduced her to the sport! 


The Drake Arsenal 

Ronda currently drives a Mugen Seiki 1/8th scale Buggy and Truggy. As for Adam he is currently driving the Mugen Seiki 1/8th scale vehicles and PR Racing 1/10th scale vehicles. We also wanted to know how many RC vehicles they each owned. 

Adam: "12 Vehicles"

Ronda: " I lost count! :)" 

In regards to brand dedication, the Drake's are loyal to Mugen Seiki. Both Ronda and Adam are sponsored by Mugen! 

"Mugen Seiki has always been my favorite car to race!" - Ronda Drake

"The products are amazing and it's a great company to work for!" - Adam Drake 

Next, we wanted to know how many times a week that Drakes practice. Adam said he usually practices once a week and races just about every weekend. As for Ronda she practices twice a week and also races every weekend. 

RC Car Travels 

Being a sponsored drivers allows the Drakes to experience tracks all over the world! The furthest Ronda has ever traveled to race would be Italy, Belgium, Puerto Rico and all over the United States. Adam has also traveled far and wide to defend his professional title. 

"R/C racing has taken me all over the world.  I traveled to Australia, Italy, England, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and the Philippines just to name a few places." - Adam Drake


Advice for Others

We wanted to know what the Drakes would tell themselves if they could back in time to when they first started racing. The biggest piece of advice Adam would give to himself and to others would be to drive smooth and be patient. We personally, love this piece of advice here at Adrenaline. Getting good at something like RC Car racing takes a lot of practice and patience. You can't achieve greatness overnight very easily, but if you stay dedicated to it you will. Ronda cracked us up with her response when we asked her what advice she'd give herself. She said, " Let's not go back in time. lol" She thinks that RC car racing is a fun hobby for anyone to do and a great community to get involved in. Adam added that its also a safe and very hands on hobby. 

The two of them absolutely love that they get to travel and race together regularly! They are really happy they get to share their hobby! 

A Big Thank you

"Thanks for the interview and to my sponsors.  Mugen Seiki Racing, O.S. Engines, Pro-Line Racing, Futaba, Protek RC, Tekin, Flash Point, A Main Hobbies, Ibon Graphics, , CowRC, Avid, Darkside Designs,IB prostart, and Pro Motion T-Shirts."   - Ronda & Adam Drake 



Rapid Fire! 

1. Electric or Nitro?

Ronda: Nitro

Adam: Nitro

2. Pro-Line or AKA or Other? 

Ronda: Pro-Line

Adam: Pro-Line

3. Kit or Pre-Built? 

Ronda: Pre-Built from Adam Drake

Adam: Kit

4. Dirt or Road?

Ronda: Dirt

Adam: Dirt

5. Track Racing or Rock Crawling?

Ronda: Track Racing

Adam: Track Racing

6. Racing or Practicing?

Ronda: Racing

Adam: Racing

7. LiPo or NiMH?

Ronda: LiPo

Adam: LiPo

8. Big air or Keeping it tight?

Ronda: Big Air

Adam: Big Air

9. 1:10 Scale or 1:8 Scale? 

Ronda: 1:8 Scale

Adam: 1:8 Scale

10. Buggy, Short Course or Truggy? 

Ronda: Buggy

Adam: Buggy

 * These are not our photos*

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