Spotlight Driver: Joe Fiocca

For June's Spotlight Article we are featuring local driver Joe Fiocca! If you've ever met Fiocca he's always a pleasure to be around and you can tell he loves our sport. Fiocca has a pretty lengthy history with RC car racing. Reading his story was extremely fascinating and it really shows how far rc car racing has come. Check out his story below!

His Story: 

"I started racing RC in 1989 after receiving a Team Losi JRX2 for Christmas. There were a couple tracks within driving distance where I lived in Southern California, and my parents used to take me whenever possible. One day, the regular announcer at the track I used to primarily race at was ill, and I volunteered to announce. I would continue racing and announcing. I stayed loyal to the Losi brand, upgrading my JRX2 to the Pro, and then the XX before getting out of the hobby in the mid 90s. During my racing career back then, I had the privilege to share the driver’s stand (not the podium, let’s get that cleared up right now!!) with legends like Brian Kinwald, Mark Pavidas, and many others that are still active today. Back then I was able to participate in major events including the ROAR off-road nationals and the Cactus Classic (now the Desert Classic)."
"I only raced 2WD stock buggy. I would ultimately work as the announcer and race director at MnM Hobbies, and I would come to develop the track’s website."
"The track was home to many major events including the Reedy Race of Champions."
"So after being out of the hobby for over 20 years, a friend of mine was chatting about some RC bashing and I started looking around. I had no idea there was a track here in Winchester. I paid Adrenaline a visit back in March of last year, and learned a lot talking to Seth and Jacob. So much had changed. What’s LIPO? Brushless? You mean races are longer than 4 minutes?? What the heck is a SCT? Lol. They explained Live RC to me, and I logged in when I got home. I recognized a name in the sidebar chat as someone I raced with back in the 90s. We started chatting and he told me there’s a YouTube video of me announcing the Reedy Race, specifically a battle between Brian Kinwald and Masami Hirosaka. I watched it, and I was immediately wanting back in."
"I purchased a used Hot Bodies D413 4wd buggy and started racing again in April 2017. I’m having a blast when I get the chance to go. I just got back behind the wheel of a TLR car again (back to my roots), and love it. I think I’ve practiced a whopping 4 times total since I’ve got back into it, and maybe only a pack per practice. Not proud of that, but spare time is hard for me to come by. I love seeing the families coming to the track together. Back when I was younger, my family was very supportive of my racing career, driving hours or flying to major events. If I can give any young racer advice, that I wish I knew when I first started, it would be this: Don’t think you have to have the latest and greatest to have fun. I used 2 sets of tires all of last year. I bring all my gear in a backpack, not an OGIO case. It doesn’t have to consume you. Have fun. That’s what I’m doing now."

Rapid Fire!

  1. Electric or Nitro?- Electric
  2. Pro-Line or AKA or Other?- AKA
  3. Kit or Pre-Built? - Kit
  4. Dirt or Road?- Dirt
  5. Track Racing or Rock Crawling? - Track
  6. Racing or Practicing?-Racing
  7. Lipo or NiMH?- LiPo
  8. Big air or keeping it tight? – Tight
  9. 1:8 scale or 1:10 Scale? - 1/10
  10. Buggy, Truggy, Stadium Truck, or Short Course? - Buggy


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