Spotlight Driver: Dale Funk

Welcome back to the blog! This month we are featuring long time driver Dale Funk! Dale Funk has been on the RC Car scene for quite some time (11 years!) , in fact if you've been racing locally at all, you'll probably recognize his face. 

Where It All Began...

Funk got into the sport because of his oldest son. His oldest, Josh, started racing a 1:18th scale vehicle on an oval indoor track in Winchester with his Aunt and Uncle. "When I finally went to watch him race I was hooked." Soon after seeing this for himself, Funk purchased his first car. 4 months later he was introduced to off-road racing. " I bought a nitro buggy and the obsession has grown into electric buggy, truggy, 4x4 SCT, and Mini 8ights in a friend’s garage." 

The Current Lineup

As of the Summer of 2017, Funk was driving all TLR brand cars: Buggy, Truggy, and 4x4 Short Course. In grand total he owns 6 RC cars at the moment. The reason Funk is so dedicated to TLR is because he loves the durability and performance of the vehicles. 

Advice and Why You Should Give RC a Try!

We asked Funk why he thinks RC car driving is a great sport to get involved with and this was his response: "RC driving is a great hobby to get into because you are able to make new friends, it can be a great way to spend time with family, however the main reason I do it is because it is FUN!" If Funk could go back in time he would tell himself that "Slower is Faster." Here at Adrenaline we really agree with his piece of advice. You'll always hear us say "Slow is Fast." In fact, we have that quote plastered on the back of our race track building. 


Practice, Racing, and Travel!

Dale Funk practices once a week and tries to race every time he has the chance to. In regards to traveling, the furthest he has ever traveled to race is 4 hours. As we mentioned earlier Funk's son races as well. He really enjoys having his son come along with him on race days and spending that quality time together. "I really enjoy watching my son race. I get excited and sometimes enjoy watching him race more than racing myself."

Final Thoughts

Lastly, in 2017 Funk was sponsored by FTM Grip and LiPos. He is currently seeking more sponsors in 2018. 


  1. Electric or Nitro? Electric
  2. Pro-Line or AKA or Other? Pro-Line
  3. Kit or Pre-Built? Kit
  4. Dirt or Road? Dirt
  5. Track Racing or Rock Crawling? Track Racing
  6. Racing or Practicing? Racing
  7. Lipo or NiMH?Lipo
  8. Big air or keeping it tight? Big air
  9. 1:10 Scale or 1:8 Scale? 1:8 Scale
  10. Buggy, Short Course or Truggy? 4x4 SCT





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