Hunter's Tech Tip: Tire Gluing Process

In our June newsletter we featured Hunter's tire gluing process. Check out the Process Below!

Step 1: Remove the Inserts and put two holes (about 3mm size) opposite of each other in the middle of the tread of the tire. 

Step 2: Clean the Bead and sidewall of the tire with straight simple green sprayed on to a shop towel or rag

Step 3: Re-Install the insert and wipe down the bead again

Step 4: Pop the Tire on to the shell and seat it on to the wheel 

Step 5: Go Wash all the oils and simple green off your hands before gluing. Any little residue will result in a poor bond.

Step 6: Put the Tire "bands" around the edge of the tire and then peel back slightly to expose the bead, so you can apply the glue. Then slowly work your way around the tire. 

Step 7: Final Step, take a old wrench or hobby knife, and even/spread the glue. 


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