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When purchasing a Du-Bro motor mount it is best to understand its fundamentals. Our Motor Mounts are advanced in what they do but remain simple in how they do it.

Vibration and harmonic resonance are by-products of your engine. In time, they can and will cause failure of something; it can show up in a broken hinge, a loosened clevis, fuel foaming, worn servo grommets, battery packs, and receivers.

Du-Bro's patented, revolutionary designed Motor Mounts are very effective in reducing airframe vibration and greatly reducing fatigue on the entire airframe. They are a totally captive mount that cannot de-bond and break free.

Looking at the exploded view, the spool is solidly bolted to the firewall, the elastomeric rides on the spool and the sleeve which bears the engine and surrounds the elastomeric. The outer rib of the elastomeric absorbs the initial torque loads of the engine while the inner solid portion leaves plenty of compression to effectively absorb the power impulses — which causes most of the vibration in your aircraft.

One pair of mounts per package.

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