Top 10 RC Youtube Channels (that aren't by big name brands)

After doing some research I finally narrowed down some of my favorite RC youtube channels! These are in no specific order. So check all of them out! 

#1 Ultimate RC  

This channel has been around for quite a bit and unfortunately the owner no longer posts videos. However, if you are looking for product reviews this is by far one of the best channels! There are also some videos entitled: "In the Workshop" which show you step by step instructions for a variety of mechanical work. Also if you are looking to watch some awesome videos of RC Cars being driven around the track! Then this is the channel for you! 

#2 Live RC 

This youtube channel is perfect for watching the latest races! It's great for keeping up with RC news and watching live stream races. They broad cast races like ROAR Fuel Off-Road nationals! Imagine waking up, sipping on a cup of joe, eating eggs and bacon, and watching Races all over the country LIVE. 

#3 Short Course World 

This channel is the Jack of all Trades when it comes to Short Course vehicles. This channel includes kit reviews, tool videos, a "How to Build" series, Q & A videos, R/C phone calls with friends, and more! If you want to know how to put a car together, maintain it, or find out which short course will be a good fit for you, this is the channel to go to! 

#4 Neobuggy 

This channel is based out of Europe and captures all of the RC Racing scene over there! It covers the EURO race series and interviews professional RC drivers. This channel also has footage of Worlds! It's perfect to see what is going on in RC all of the world, and to find out the latest information on professional RC Drivers. 

#5 RC Racing TV

This channel is similar to Neobuggy in the sense that it covers the European RC scene. But it also includes some tutorials on how to build certain cars and behind the scenes footage of these large races. The video quality is pretty good and one of my favorite parts is that they show the rankings of the drivers as you would see in Nascar or even horse racing. If racing was going to be broadcasted on TV this would be the channel to do it. 

#6 The RC Network 

This channel reveals new cars all the time and will review them so you know what you're getting before you make the purchase! They also have features like Tool Tuesday where the go over the latest tools and how to use them. This channel shows you how to upgrade cars and will review things like tires as well. I find this channel helpful when trying to figure what the best things to put in and on my car. I also get enjoyment out of the running videos, in order to see how the car handles. 

#7 RC Overload 

While this channel covers a bunch of RC Cars it also features Drones, planes and more! There are unboxing videos, but I am entertained more by the bashing, jumping, and drifting videos! This channel will also show you how to build a Sakura, HPI Baja, and more! He also show cars like the Losi Mini Cooper! All around fun on this channel!

#8 IJumpRC

You guess it! This channel is full of RC action videos! Who doesn't want to watch a RC Car vs a Watermelon? This channel is pure fun and adds an exciting twist to RC! Also who doesn't like to watch videos with a series of RC Fails? If you're looking to be entertained or wonder what it would be like to beat up on your cars then check out this channel! 

#9 1967illya 

This channel is all about projects! Have you ever wondered how to make Angel Eye LED's for your RC Car? Well here's your chance! This channel is also full of rock crawlers and extreme hill challenges! Want to mix things up with your crawler? Then this is the channel for you!

#10 Drone Racing League 

To finish up this top 10 list we are bringing in the rear with Drone Racing. Imagine this: Neon Lights filling the room, First person Point of View Racing, an empty football stadium with nothing but the sounds of engines, and the night crawling over the walls as you race for the podium. Drone Racing can be done in abandoned buildings, stadiums, and around major landmarks. You have to see this for yourself in order to believe it. 



This ends our round up of awesome RC channels! What are your favorite channels, that make the cut? Leave in the comments below! 

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