Spotlight Driver: Darius Royer

And we're back! It's been a little while since we've done a driver spotlight article but we are ready to bring you new ones every month in 2018 starting now! It's officially February and this month we are featuring long time driver at Adrenaline RC, Darius Royer!

Darius has been racing since June of 2015 and it shows out on the track! When Royer was seven years old his dad had sold his remote controlled helicopter for an RC Buggy. 

 "I kept breaking it by hitting the curb, so my dad did some research and found the Traxxas Slash. 7 years later I put a Slash 4x4 on the track, kept showing up to races, and the snowball effect took over from there!"

Currently, Royer exclusively drives Team Losi Racing vehicles. He owns 12 vehicles at the moment but at the most he's had 13 at a time. He personally chooses TLR because their cars are extremely reliable, durable, consistent, and all built off the same platform making maintenance and set up easy.  His fleet includes the following:

  1. 1/8 eBuggy
  2. 1/8 eTruggy
  3. 1/10 4WD Short Course
  4. 1/10 2WD Buggy

For those thinking about getting into the Sport

"I feel it's good for people to get into because it's a hobby that brings people together to do what they enjoy. It's a hobby with many great people who are willing to do anything to help each other, especially on raceday!"

If Royer could go back in time he would've told himself not to waste money and buy a top notch racing rig that has great equipment. It's well worth the investment of purchasing something up to racing standards if you know you're going to be serious about racing. `

Additionally Royer practices 3-4 times a month on average and races about 2-5 times a month. Traveling is part of the deal unless you have a relatively local track when it comes to RC car racing. The furthest Royer has traveled is to Wall RC in Township, NJ ( 2 hours 33 minutes from his house). 

We also tried to find out the details on who sponsors Royer, and we were successful! 

"Currently I have VooDoo Racing Cells." 



We finished up our Interview with a series of Rapid Fire Questions!

  1. Electric or Nitro? Electric (Currently)
  2. Pro-Line or AKA or Other? Raw Speed Inc.
  3. Kit or Pre-Built? Kit
  4. Dirt or Road? Dirt
  5. Track Racing or Rock Crawling? Track Racing
  6. Racing or Practicing? Racing
  7. LiPo or NiMH? LiPo
  8. Big air or keeping it tight? Probably keeping it tight, however sometimes it's just fun to send it.
  9. 1:10 Scale or 1:8 Scale? 1:8 Scale for sure, however I enjoy the challenge both styles of racing have to offer.
  10. Buggy, Short Course or Truggy? Definitely Buggy because it's the most challenging class I race in. 



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