Race Etiquette 101

Hello Racers! 

With our Track Building getting close to completion, we wanted to cover a topic that is important to us! We want our all of our racers to have a great experience at our track, but in order to do so we want everyone to display proper racing etiquette! 

1. The Drivers Stand: 

  • Don't Cut in line: If there is a line of drivers trying to get on the stand, wait your turn. To build on that, it is important to wait for the drivers from the previous race to exit the stand. 
  • One of the worst things you could do on the driver's stand is to yell at other drivers, marshals, or employees of the track. Most marshals will not flip over your car if you are yelling at them. If no one sees your car after an appropriate amount of time goes by, it would be okay to nicely call for a marshall. 
  • "When on the stand be aware of how you are standing on the stand, having your radio hanging out, or leaning way out makes it difficult for other drivers to see sometimes. It’s called the drivers’ stand, not the drivers’ slouch. Stand up when racing. You’ll drive better and you’ll be less likely to block the view of other drivers. Also, if you have a preferred spot on the stand, get there first. Don’t be the last guy on the drivers’ stand and expect other to move for you." - adapted from RC Truck Stop

2. Driving: 

  • Let off the Throttle: When you are waiting for a marshall to pick up your car, let off of the Throttle. It is not safe for marshals to pick up your car if  your holding down the throttle. 
  • If your Car breaks down take it off the track: Pretty Simple. 
  • Don't intentionally try to crash into other racers: This should be obvious, but be good sport and don't ruin someone else's car or race on purpose. Plus we all pay for parts, and know how the expenses add up. 
  • That being said, if you accidentally bump into another racer, wait for them and allow them to re gain their position back. Once you do this, you can try to pass with a clean pass. 

A few notes in general:

  • Watch Language: There are families and children that come out to race and spectate. We want it to be a friendly environment. All in all just pay attention to your audience. 
  • "If you are having a bad race–and all of us do at some point–do not take your frustrations out on your truck. You have a couple of choices here: either slow your pace down and finish your race or pull your vehicle off the track at a safe spot and wait until the race is over to get it. If you happen to be in the unlucky position of being yelled at on the stand, be the bigger person and let it go, leave the battles for racing on the track, not on the stand or in the pits." - adapted from RC Truck Stop


A few notes: Content was adapted from RC Truck Stop and Track Etiquette by Shaun Duffy. 

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