New Spec 1/8 Short Course Class at Adrenaline Winchester!

Are you ready for an exhilarating new challenge in the world of RC racing? Adrenaline RC is thrilled to announce the formation of a brand-new Spec 1/8 Short Course class. This class is set to bring new excitement to our Winchester VA outdoor RC track, with two powerhouse trucks leading the way: the Traxxas Maxx Slash and the Arrma Mojave 4s. If you've been searching for a fresh racing experience, this is your chance to get in on the action!

The Spec 1/8 Short Course Class

Unveiling the New Class

The Spec 1/8 Short Course class is designed for competitive racing enthusiasts who crave adrenaline and high-speed action. This class emphasizes fairness and skill by requiring all participants to use stock electronics and tires. This ensures that every racer competes on a level playing field, showcasing their driving skills rather than relying on aftermarket upgrades.

Featured Trucks: Traxxas Maxx Slash and Arrma Mojave 4s

Both the Traxxas Maxx Slash and Arrma Mojave 4s have undergone rigorous testing and have proven to be evenly matched on 4s operation. These trucks are built for performance, durability, and excitement, making them perfect candidates for our new class.

Truck Specifications and Performance

Traxxas Maxx Slash

The Traxxas Maxx Slash is based on the reliable MAXX platform. Known for its robust design and high-performance capabilities, its key features include:

  • Powerful VXL-6s Brushless Power System: This provides incredible speed and acceleration, perfect for short course racing.
  • Heavy-Duty Drivetrain: The engineering on Maxx Slash continues to innovate, adding even more strength for critical 6s power handling and faster, harder-hitting action.
  • Advanced Suspension System: Ensures stability and control, even at high speeds.

Arrma Mojave 4s

The Arrma Mojave 4s is equally impressive, offering:

  • 4s BLX Brushless Power System: Delivers blistering speeds and reliable performance.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure the toughest racing conditions with ease.
  • Precision Steering and Handling: Provides drivers with unmatched control and agility on the track.

Regulations and Modifications

Stock Electronics

To maintain fairness in the Spec 1/8 Short Course class, all participants must use the stock electronics that come with their trucks. This rule ensures that the focus remains on driver skill and strategy rather than modifications.

Permitted Upgrades

The only exceptions to the stock rules are the servo saver and remote control. Upgrading these components can enhance the reliability and responsiveness of your truck without giving an unfair advantage in speed or power.

Getting Started

How to Join:

Interested in joining the Spec 1/8 Short Course class? It's easy! Simply call us or stop by one of our stores, and our friendly staff will assist you in getting set up with one of these amazing trucks. Whether you choose the Traxxas Maxx Slash or the Arrma Mojave 4s, you're in for an unforgettable racing experience.

Why Join?

Participating in the Spec 1/8 Short Course class offers numerous benefits:

  • Competitive Environment: Test your skills against other skilled drivers.
  • Community: Join a passionate group of RC racing enthusiasts.
  • Thrilling Experience: Enjoy the excitement of racing high-performance trucks on a challenging course.


  • What are the main differences between the Traxxas Maxx Slash and the Arrma Mojave 4s? Both trucks offer similar performance on 4s operation. The main differences lie in their design and handling characteristics. The Maxx Slash is built on the Traxxas Maxx platform, while the Mojave 4S is built on the modular Arrma 1/10 and 1/8 4S platform.

  • Can I upgrade other parts of my truck besides the servo saver and remote? No, to ensure a level playing field, all other parts must remain stock as provided by the manufacturer.

  • How do I sign up for the Spec 1/8 Short Course class? Call us or visit Adrenaline RC to get started. Our staff will help you with all the necessary details and ensure you're ready to race.

  • Do I need prior racing experience to join? While prior experience can be beneficial, it is not required. Our community welcomes both beginners and seasoned racers.

The new Spec 1/8 Short Course class at Adrenaline RC promises to be an exciting addition to our racing lineup. With the Traxxas Maxx Slash and Arrma Mojave 4s leading the way, racers can expect thrilling competition and an unparalleled racing experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something special. Call or visit us today to join the fun and adrenaline of the Spec 1/8 Short Course class!

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