Beginner Series: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) vs Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries

We are back again with some helpful information on RC Car Batteries! This article will help you determine which type of battery is a good fit for you and the advantages vs disadvantages of each type. 

Note: When choosing a battery you have to make sure you have the proper charger that works with that battery type. 

Let's Get into it!



  • LiPos are lighter and smaller in dimension. 
  • Not limited in the shape or size they can come in.
  • Have higer capacities and voltages - this can potentially allow for more speed and power. Typical Voltages include: 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, and 22.2V
  • They discharge energy at a different and flatter rate which is what allows them to have more power. This allows for a more consistent stream of energy to your motor.
  • Charge Faster


  • LiPos can be dangerous. If the battery is not stored properly or if it becomes damaged and punctured, fire could occur. 
  • They have a shorter life span meaning they last between 300 and 400 cycles. 


"LiPos are made of carbon and highly reactive lithium, which can store a lot of energy.  With the flat structure the inner resistance is smaller (UPOWER)."



  • More User Friendly
  • Typically can endure more charging cycles, meaning they potentially have a larger life span. 
  • They cost less then LiPos. 
  • Not as likely to catch fire if punctured.


  • This battery loses power throughout the run, meaning your car slowly loses power until the battery is completely dead. 
  • Heavy Weight 
  • Lower Voltages: Typically come in 3.6V and 7.2V, etc. 


"NiMH batteries use hydrogen to store energy, with nickel and another metal (such as titanium) keeping a lid on the hydrogen ions. It often comes in a cylindrical shape.(UPOWER)."



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  • UPOWER: 8 Difference Between Nimh vs Lipo Battery 


  • GLen bIg t rObins

    I love my lIpo batteries,i love the constant power and performance,i run 7.4v 10000mah in my trucks buggys and drift cars. Cheers

  • Tim

    I think lipo is great for open/modified class but not so much for stock class. brushless and lipo kind of take away the scale feel that I always enjoyed with stock class. IMO that class was more focused on driving skill rather than raw power. otherwise, in most other aspects, I agree that lipo is a superior technology……also, why is it this field I’m typing in is all caps? Sorry if this prints caps, it’s not letting me do anything else lol

  • Radley Kave

    If your not using lipos you might want to reconsider most every aspect of your life just to be on the safe side lol

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