Why buy from us? Small Business Myths Proved Wrong!

I know what you may be thinking. You are wondering why you would buy product from a small business, that is trying to grow? You may be under the impression of many small business myths and we are here to prove to you that buying from our new small business is worth your time. 

  1. Online Shopping: It's Quick and Easy: Unlike the many myths that are out there in regards to start-up companies and small businesses, Adrenaline RC brings you the convenience of shopping online and having products shipped straight to your front porch. Our shipping is quick and easy. We have a standard shipping time just like many large scale corporations. No need to worry about long shipping periods with us! Whether you live in California or our founding town of Winchester, Virginia, you can get product shipped straight to your front porch! Plus maybe one day we will have an option where you can have an account with us and save the products you want or regularly buy so you can easily order those products from our website. 
  2. You will get Expert Advice and Consultation: Unlike many large corporate companies who are over loaded with emails every day (too many to respond to quick enough), we are able to respond to your emails and give you the precise and custom advice you need in regards to selecting a product. Need help learning how to install a part? Come in to our shop and we will show you! Just starting out and want to get into the Hobby? Shoot us an Email, Facebook Message, or come in and we will help you find the perfect fit! We take our time with each customer to ensure they receive the care and advice they need in order to have the best hobby experience. 
  3. You get to come out to our Races and Physical Track: RC Tracks are rare to find these days. If you want to keep one next to you it's important to support your local hobby shop! You can support us even when buying online. Our goal is to create a RC community and experience. It's not just about selling a product to make money, it's about growing the sport all over the world. 
  4. We can get you any product that you need: A common misunderstanding in regards to current small businesses, is that the selection of product is limited. This is not entirely true. While we only keep certain products in stock in our physical shop at any given time, we can order anything for you. Don't see the product you are looking for on our website? Shoot us an email! We will order it and ship it to you! We can get you what you need without a problem! 
  5. Myth: Small Businesses are too expensive! In regards to Adrenaline RC, we are not a marked up small business. We are competing with companies like Amain hobbies. We offer our products at the same price as Amain. We never overprice our products. We are about growing the sport and giving you the best experience! 
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