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Shop the top selection of rc drift car accessories, parts, and more at Adrenaline RC Racing! We stock hundreds of drift accessories, parts, batteries, bodies, tires and wheels.

NEW: Bingo RC WASP Front Bumpers!

Bingo RC Designs has done it again with the new bumpers! This bumper includes holes for mounting to stock body post locations, and is designed for use as a handle!

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Come Drift With Us!

Our Chantilly location now features a new 1/10 scale drift track specifically designed for drifting.

Along with our track, we stock hundreds of rc drift parts, accessories, bodies & more! We are the only retailer of Bingo RC Designs, which makes top-notch carbon fiber RC drift accessories.

The track surface is polished concrete. We sell a variety of tires, but find the Yokomo DRC and DS Racing LF-5 to work best. A charging station is available as well as some pit space.

Start with RC Drift Cars!

Welcome to one of our favorite forms of RC! Drifting can be one of the most fun & exciting ways to drive a rc car. Though rc drifting looks difficult, through the right car selection and learning you can be sliding like a professional in no time! Adrenaline sells drift cars in kit form and ready-to-run, which they have engineered specifically for drifting.

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How do I pick the best drift RC car for me?

Choosing the right drift RC car allows for the best drifting experience. Search for 2WD cars with rear-wheel drive, firm suspension, and smooth tires.

Customize with tuning options and modifications. Add scale accessories for a realistic look and improved performance. Practice tuning and upgrading your drift RC car for the exact handling you want.

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What about custom rc drift cars?

We offer the best selection of rc drift accessories to build custom drift cars. Scale accessories from Sideways RC, rc drift carbon fiber chassis & more from Bingo RC Designs. Building a custom rc drift car can be a challenging task, but we're here to help. Our experts are always available to help discuss the best options for drift builds.

Custom RC drift cars are typical built from kit form. You can browse all of our drift car kits here. To keep it short, we recommend the Reve D RDX as the top choice, with the MST RMX 2.5 Classic coming in as a solid second option. Once you've chosen a platform, you'll need wheels, tires, a body, and electronics. We offer hundreds of options for each of these, allowing you to build the perfect custom rc drift car tailored just to you!