Hobbywing WiFi Express Smartphone ESC Module

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The Hobbywing WiFi Express ESC Programming Module allows you to use your iOS or Android based smartphone to program your Hobbywing ESC. The WiFi Express has a small footprint, is easy to install, and makes it incredibly easy to make setup changes to your ESC on the fly!



  • Programming through smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android)  
  • Access to HW Support, including the User Manual, Profile manager, etc through app 
  • Can be mounted in your vehicle*
  • Fail-safe feature disables throttle control when Wifi programming is enabled 

*NOTE: Hobbywing recommends you remove the WiFi module before an official event 

The WiFi Express module is compatible with the following Hobbywing products:
  • XERUN series & EZRUN series of car ESCs
  • PLATINUM series aircraft ESCs 

5V- 12.6V 
Wifi protocol: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 
Wifi Effect range: 0-10m (0-32ft) 
Size: 25.7x25.7x8.8mm 
Weight: 11.3g