SMC True Spec 11.1V 7200mAh 380Amps/75C

SMC True Spec 11.1V 7200mAh 380Amps/75C


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True Spec 11.1V-7200mAh-380 Amps/75C pack.

- Built with wide tab cells for lowest possible internal resistance.

- 10AWG wires soldered straight to the tabs. 

Pack Specs
Milliamp Hour 7200mAh
Voltage 11.1V
C Rate 380 Amps / 75C
Configuration 3S1P
Connector Type
Deans  Genuine power connector with 10 gauge wires. XH Balance connector.
Length 138.93mm / 5.47in
Width 48mm
Height 37mm
Weight 416gr