Pro-Line Electron "VTR" 2.4" Rear Buggy Tires (2) (MC) **

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This is a pack of two Pro-Line Electron "VTR" 2.4" Rear Buggy Tires. The Electron shares close family ties with Pro-Line’s popular ION tire. The Electron features connected tire tread technology to improve traction and wear on even the most abrasive of indoor track conditions. The square center pins laid out between the connected tread provide consistent forward and side bite even when the track gets dusty. 

NOTE: VTR 2.4” Style Tires only work with VTR 2.4” Style Wheels. Standard 2.2” Wheels will NOT work with VTR Tires. 



  • Connected Tire Tread Technology
  • Perfect tire for indoor abrasive surfaces
  • VTR Style Mounting – Lighter and More Traction!
  • Includes new VTR Closed Cell Foam Insert
  • Made to fit Pro-Line VTR 2.4” Wheels
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 

 3.31" (84mm) 
Width: 1.63" (42mm) 


  • (2) Electron VTR 2.4” Buggy Rear Tires
  • (2) VTR Closed Cell Foam Inserts