Hobbywing XERUN SCT 3652SD G2 Sensored Brushless Motor (4300kV) (w/5mm shaft)

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This is the Hobbywing XERUN SCT 3652SD G2 Sensored Brushless Motor. This 4-pole power house is great for light-duty short course, truck and monster truck sensored applications.

Note: Because this motor features a 5mm diameter motor shaft, it requires pinion gears with a 5mm bore.  


  • Innovative 4-pole-8-magnet "staggered pole" rotor (Hobbywing-patented) with low cogging effect and torque pulsation greatly improves control feel around corners.
  • Built-in chip for making the motor be easily identified by HOBBYWING ESCs. When pairing it with a HW 1/8th sensored ESC (i.e. XR8 SCT/Plus), the motor can work in the “sensored” mode at all times with gr eat output linearity after the identification. The Turbo timing is allowed to be activated for higher output.
  • Magnetic ring mounted on the rotor protects the motor from signal interference and guarantees its super stability in the “sensor ed” mode.
  • With the mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degrees to 40 degrees, users are able to have different output power.
  • Turbine design implemented by the rotor accelerates the internal air circulation and reduces heat.
  • Rebuild-able design (partially rebuild-able) and screw-less motor case for easy routine maintenance effectively prolong the motor life and raise the motor effficiency.
  • CNC machined aluminum housing, high purity copper windings, advanced rotor structure, high-quality alloy steel output shaft, high-precision bearings for high durability and smoothness.
  • Updated “U” solder tabs at the bottom of the motor for easy soldering and wiring.

kV (no load): 
LiPo: 2S 
Resistance: 0.0052 
No-load Current: 4.2A 
Motor Diameter: 36mm (1.417in) 
Motor Length: 52.5mm (2.067in) 
Shaft Diameter: 5mm (0.197in) 
Shaft Length: 15mm (0.591in) 
Poles: 4 
Weight: 187g (6.60oz) 
Applications: 1/10 light duty SCT, truck, monster truck