Hot Racing Slash 4X4 Super Duty Slipper System (Large)

Hot Racing Slash 4X4 Super Duty Slipper System (Large)


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This is a Hot Racing CNC machined aluminum and steel slipper system complete with pressure plate, slipper hub, and metallic friction pad for various 1/10 scale Traxxas vehicles. Ensure your vehicle has everything it needs to perform at its best and prepare it for the rigors of off-roading with this high-quality aluminum and steel slipper system.


  • CNC machined aluminum and steel construction
  • Metallic friction materials are composed of a number of base metals: copper, bronze, and iron.
  • This material conducts heat away from the friction material surface and offers low wear
  • For applications that demand long life and high durability

Tech Specs:
Slipper Pad Size: 12mm Octagon
Slipper Pad Thickness: 1.5mm
Slipper Pad Thru Hole: 10mm

1x Steel Slipper Pressure Plate
1x Aluminum Slipper Hub
1x Slipper Pad

Super Duty slipper clutch handles Traxxas VXL brushless power
Replaces Traxxas 5351 slipper
Replacement slipper pad is Hot Racing TRX15EXP