Easter "He has Risen"

Today we are closed in observance of Easter. This is the most important holiday for me. As a Christian, Easter is reserved as the day that deserves my attention and praise to my Lord and Savior. I chose to believe, Jesus is, who he said he is, God, who came to live among us in the flesh. He sacrificed himself, bled and died for me. As an American, I understand my freedom has been bought with the blood and lives of patriots who fought for my freedom. Jesus did the same. He bought my place in heaven with his life. I believe he did that for me and I owe him my eternal life. It is that simple. As a Christian, I am called to love God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) first and love my neighbor second.  That is a challenge I am still struggling everyday to live up to. My hope is that someone reading this will be inspired to believe and allow Jesus into their life.  The world is better when we have hope and love each other.

In Jesus name, I pray this will have some impact on someone.


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